The Games

The games vary in length (both in terms of distance and time) as well as the number of clues you must solve.

All games are for 2 - 6 players. If you are more than 6, you can make multiple bookings and take each other on!

Lazarus Stone.jpg
The Lazarus Stone

Start: Regent's Park (Gloucester Gate)

A supernatural phenomenon is taking over Regent’s Park and it’s getting worse by the minute! Ghosts and ghouls are terrifying the tourists and they’ve begun to wander outside the park. It’s up to you to stop them or else the land of the living will be overrun by the dead!

Duration: 3.3km, 13 clues, 1 - 2 hrs (no time limit)

Difficulty: Medium

Murder of D. Beagle.png
The Murder of D. Beagle

Start: Golders Hill Park Refreshment House

Known for her eye for detail and ruthless problem solving, Det. Silver is regarded as the leading homicide detective in London. However, the mysterious death of a zookeeper and animal fanatic has her stumped. With the trail running cold, it’s time to call in the reinforcements…

Duration: 2km, 13 clues, 1 - 2 hrs (no time limit)

Difficulty: Easy - Medium

Last Stand.jpg
The Last Stand

Start: Hampstead Heath Rail Station

It’s 2059 and humanity stands on the brink of extinction. A deadly virus has ravaged the world and the Heath is the last designated safe zone. Unwittingly, you intercept the final transmission from a world-renowned microbiologist. Now only you can save the world…

Duration: 4km, 11 clues, 1.5 - 2.5 hrs (no time limit)

Difficulty: Medium

Human Resistance.jpg
The Human Resistance

Start: Camden Lock (Outside Starbucks)

It started the night of the meteor shower. The next morning people had changed. We are the Human Resistance; the only real humans left. We have a plan to stop them but first you need to prove you are not one of them before it's too late!

Duration: 3km, 13 clues, 75 mins (time-limited)
Difficulty: Medium - Hard

Trumpet Conundrum.jpg
The Trumpet Conundrum

Start: Rosa's Bench, Hampstead Heath

Hampstead Heath is a great place to go for a walk with your friends. That is until you uncover a strange mystery buried beneath the surface. Bizarre clues, diabolical puzzles and strange characters await as you embark on a race against the clock to save your city!

Duration: 2.1km, 9 clues, 60 mins (time-limited)
Difficulty: Medium